About Us

Our Mission

To raise awareness about the damage caused by secret pain and abuse, and demonstrate the hope and healing found in Christ Jesus through ex-victim testimonies, connections, and tools.

Our Vision

A culture where people choose redemption and healing in Christ Jesus so they bloom despite darkness and pain.

 Our Values

LOVE: Love God, Love yourself so you can Love your neighbor
HONESTY: Be honest with God, yourself and others especially when it hurts
FORGIVENESS: Forgive God, yourself and others quickly
ENCOURAGEMENT: Encourage yourself with God’s Word, your words, and other’s words through what you see, hear, and speak.

We bring hope to the world through media.

We tell true stories of God's goodness and provide practical tools for those who are lost and hurting. We do that through books, television, apps, teaching series, podcasts, live events, conferences, and more!  

Bloom Board Members

Our highly qualified and dedicated board members come from diverse backgrounds across the U.S. They believe in serving hurting people to the best of their ability.

Paula Mosher Wallace

President & CEO
Franklin, TN

Ginny Priz

Vice President & CFO
Nashville, TN

Stephanie Winslow

Board Secretary
Jupiter, FL

Darrell Darnauer

Director of Prayer
Franklin, TN

Kylie Snow

Director of Research & Development
Beaufort, SC

Jennifer Haskins

Legal Advisor to the Board
Macon, GA

Carmen Ruiz

Board Member
Daytona Beach, FL

Lindsey Hartz

Board Member
Thompson Station, TN

Dale Dudley

Board Member
Spring Hill, TN

Sue McGray

Board Member
Old Hickory, TN

Patricia Douglas

Board Member
Brentwood, TN

David White

Board Member
Keyser, WV

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